Green Energy


Part of the redevelopment plan for Paulsboro Plaza is to utilize green energy and building concepts.


In October 2008, New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan (EMP) was created to guide the development of the

state’s green energy infrastructure. The EMP targets a 20.0 percent decrease in energy consumption by

2020. These important measures mean that it is crucial for developers to incorporate extensive green

design techniques into site and building design plans, construction specifications, and operations

management procedures.

The Paulsboro Plaza Redevelopment project incorporates a number of green development techniques

into site and building design, as well as operations.

Integrative Design

‐ Project technical team includes a green building development consultant to facilitate integration of

green development techniques into design specifications, and site plans, and construction documents.

Site Improvements

‐ An environmental assessment has been conducted, and remediation plan development and approved


‐ Construction management plans contain best practice erosion and sedimentation Control Procedures.

‐ Landscaping plans require a substantial increase ‐ over 50% ‐ in trees, shrubs, ground cover. All new

plants will be appropriate to the site's soil and microclimate, and none will be invasive species.

‐ The new site surface storm water management system has been designed to maximize harvest and

retention of storm water on site for efficiency in flow and effective drainage.

Water Conservation

‐ Water conservation fixtures and appliances with effective GPM and GPF rating will be installed in all

units and common facilities.

‐ Rain and greywater will be captured to meet a portion of the project water needs.

Energy Efficiency

‐ Project will be certified Energy Star Complaint

‐ Project appliances will be energy star rated.

‐ Project buildings will use appropriate Energy Star Advanced lighting package.

‐ Project buildings will use appropriate Energy Star‐labeled fixtures or equivalent high performance

lighting and fixtures and bulbs in all common areas.


‐ Install individual or sub‐metered electric meters in all residential and commercial units.